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ILEX Foundation
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Films & Visual Arts | 2006 - 2003


The 13th Boston Festival of Films from
Iran & Annual ILEX Foundation Award
for Excellence in Iranian Cinema, 2006.
November 10-December 3, 2006

Sponsored by the MFA Film Program, our most
extensive showcase ever of contemporary
Iranian cinema took place at Remis Auditorium,
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Niki Karimi, acclaimed actor and director,
received the Annual ILEX Foundation Award for
Excellence in Iranian Cinema at the festival.

Niloofar Fotouhi, Ilex Foundation Executive Director
(left), Niki Karimi, recipient of the Ilex Foundation
Award for Excellence in Iranian Cinema in 2006,
and Olga Davidson, Ilex Foundation Chairman.

Festival Highlights:

The festival started with Ceasefire, previous ILEX award winner Tamineh Milaniís hit comedy. The 18 film festival ended with an equally exciting program: the US premiere of Niki Karimi's second feature, A Few Days Later..., a stunningly on-target look at the difficult life of an artistic woman in an overpaced world. The festival also featured Karimiís directorial debut, One Night. Also, Saba presented a concert with traditional Persian instruments, made possible by a contribution from Lala Rokh.

Highlights from this festival were shown at the Freer and Sackler Galleries of Art, Washington, DC (Jan 12-Feb 18) and in Houston at both the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the Rice Cinema (Jan 19-Feb 11).

The Boston Festival of Films and Music from Iran is supported with a contribution from the ILEX Foundation and made possible with assistance from Olga Davidson and Niloo Fotouhi of the ILEX Foundation and with much guidance from film programmers Mimi Brody (UCLA Film and Television Archive), Barbara Scharres (Gene Siskel Film Center), and Alissa Simon (Facets Multimedia). The media sponsor was The Boston Phoenix.