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ILEX Sponsorship & Panel |  MESA Annual Meeting 2006


Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Meeting

Boston, MA, November 2006

ILEX Foundation sponsored and presented the panel
Cunning Words: Hila and How To Do Things With Tricks."

Chair: Richard W. Bulliet, Columbia University

Discussant: Louise Marlow, Wellesley College

Paper topics and presenters:

Lisa Raphals, University of California, Riverside
Reflections on Les Ruses d'Intelligence

Olga M. Davidson, Wellesley College
Hoary Authorities and Wanton Wiles: Women in Medieval Exempla

Luis M. Giron-Negron, Harvard University
The Knight and the Go-Between: Arabo-Andalusian Hiyal in Late
Medieval Castilian Literature

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