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ILEX Foundation
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ILEX Sponsorship & Panel |  ISIS Conference on Iranian Studies 2004


International Society for Iranian Studies (ISIS)

5th Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies, Bethesda, MD, 2004

Ilex Foundation hosted the panel "The Rhetoric of Biography:
Narrating Lives Through Prefaces, Chronicles, and Scripts."

Chair: Louise Marlowe, Wellesley College

Discussant: Mohsen Ashtiany, Columbia University

Paper topics presenters:

Olga M. Davidson, Wellesley College
"Life in the Beginnings"

Amir Mahallati, McGill University
"The Self and the World in the History of the World-Conqueror"

Michael Cooperson, University of California at Los Angeles
"Imam Riza and al-Maímun on Iranian Television"

Stephen Dale, Ohio State University
Biography and Individuality: The Case of Zahir al-Din
Muhammad Babur, 1483-1530.

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