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ILEX Sponsorship & Panel |  1st Ferdowsi Conference 1999


1st Ferdowsi Conference

Cambridge, MA, March, 1999

Ilex Foundation and the Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies sponsored this conference.


Thursday, March 25, 1999
Morning Session, chaired by Ehsan Yarshater

Gregory Nagy and Stephen Mitchell
"Epic and the Legacy of Milman Parry and Albert Lord"

Mohammad Ebrahim Bastani-Parizi
"Barz Kooh in the Shahnameh" - in translation

Jalil Doostkhah
"Shahnameh and the Oral Epic Traditions"

Afternoon Session, chaired by Iraj Afshar

Roy Parviz Mottahedeh: "Iran in the Shahnameh"

Mohammad Shafii Kadkani: "The Function of Rich Rhyme"

Jerome Clinton: "Tragic Elements in the Story of Rostam and Esfandiar"

Reception with music and bandari dancing

Friday, March 26, 1999
Morning Session, chaired by Asghar Mahdavi

Mohsen Ashtiany: "Dialogues in the Shahnameh"

Dick Davis: "Rostam Revisited"

Abbas Amanat: "Division of the World, the Royal Tree,
and the Fruit of Vengeance in the Story of Feridun"

Afternoon Session, chaired by Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Prods Oktor SkjÊrv¯: "Old Epic Traditions in the Shahnameh"

Olga M. Davidson, Brandeis University
"The Poetic Heritage of Farr in the Shahnameh"

Rahim Shayegan: "Old Iranian Epic Traditions and the Shahnameh"



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