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ILEX Foundation
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The Ilex Foudation is located at 84 Revere Street, Boston, MA 02114



A Celebration of History, Art & Culture


The Foundation's emphasis on the study of cultural variation is reflected in the name Ilex as a symbol. In classical Latin, Ilex means "holm oak," that is, a kind of oak that happens to be evergreen - unlike other oaks in the Mediterranean climate - and that happens to look like holly (or "holm" in older English); in scientific or "Linnaean" Latin, ilex means "holly." The plant to which ilex refers is thus a variable, but the concept of the holm oak or the holly as an evergreen is a constant. That is the symbol of Ilex.

Our passion for the Middle East is reflected in rich art, textures and decor that is part of our permanent collection. An article published in The Boston Globe Magazine discusses the decor and artwork of the Ilex Foundation headquarters in Boston.