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(Above) President Mohammad Khatami, head of the former reformist government of Iran, writing an inscription in the guest book during his official visit with Olga Davidson, Ilex Foundation Chairman.

(Left) An image of President Khatamiís inscription. (translated below).

President Khatami's inscription in Olga Davidson's Guestbook


Olga Davidson is an informed, honorable, and magnanimous person, whose love for Iran has added even more to her virtues. Her house, which is a center for the art and beauty of Persian culture, is the manifestation of her vision. Visiting this house and meeting so many admirers of Iranian culture gave a beautiful closure to my visit in Massachusetts and in the United States. It was an unforgettable occasion. Also, it was a great honor for me to make the acquaintance of Professor Gregory Nagy, her knowledgeable husband.

For this great lady, for her husband, and for all lovers of Iranian culture, I wish health and success.


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