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2 Girls
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$14.95 | £11.95 | €13.50
PAPERBACK ISBN 9780674062467
Publication October 2011

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Ilex Foundation Series #5


By: Kevin McGrath

Other books in the Ilex Foundation Series by Kevin McGrath: Str?: Women in Epic Mah?bh?rata (Links to Publications > Stri) Heroic K???a: Friendship in Epic Mah?bh?rata (Links to Publications > Heroic Krsna)

“With a background in Indology and the study of oral literature from Harvard, McGrath has taken the methodology of preliterate studies to the great Indic epic, the Mah?bh?rata. In this book, he shows how the four named poets of the epic have created a magnificent work of art. The book will certainly have a profound impact on and point out a new direction in the study of the Mah?bh?rata here at the beginning of the twenty-first century.” Prods Oktor Skaervo, Aga Khan Professor of Iranian Studies at Harvard University