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PAPERBACK ISBN 9780674021228, HARDCOVER ISBN 9780674028135
Publication July 2008

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Ilex Foundation Series #1

Dreaming Across Boundaries

Editor: L. Marlow
Narratives of dreams abound in the literatures of the Near East and North Africa.

Narratives of dreams abound in the literatures of the Near East and North Africa. Such narratives, together with discussions of the significance and interpretation of dreams, feature in a wide variety of writings drawn from literary, historiographical, philosophical, religious, and medical disciplines. In a series of close studies of dream narratives, each carefully situated in its historical and literary context, this volume of twelve essays explores the diverse functions of dreams, including divination and prediction, personal reflection and resolution, and theological argument. Among the themes examined in the articles are the reception and development of Greek and Hellenistic treatments of dreams, the role of dreams in addressing and sometimes resolving conflicting theological points of view, dreams as a medium for communication with the dead, and the predictive and legitimizing role of royal dreams in the advent of new dynasties. In the context of these varied personal reflections, theological speculations, and political aspirations, which are often closely inter-related, the contributors to the collection present fascinating insights into the social history and cultural diversity of several pre-modern Muslim societies.