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PAPERBACK ISBN 9780674060661
Publication March 2011

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Ilex Foundation Series #4

The Rhetoric of Biography

Editor: L. Marlow

This volume presents articles on the topics of biography and autobiography in a range of sources produced within Iran and the larger Persianate world. In the context of a growing scholarly literature devoted to these subjects, especially in the Arabic literary tradition, the volume presents studies that explore still neglected areas, including biographies and autobiographies of women; biographies of specific occupational groups, such as poets; the relation of traditional ìlives of poetsî to the reception of their literary works; intertextuality across biographical and autobiographical writings in several languages; and the processes involved in the translation of written biographies to the contemporary television screen. Collectively these essays allow readers to glimpse the lives of figures from the past, to appreciate the historical, cultural, and literary contexts for their biographical and autobiographical narratives, and to reflect on the significance of these narratives in the present.